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Got that new car smell on the mind? Lucky for you there's never been a better time to slide behind the wheel of a new Mitsubishi. For a limited time, save up to $4,500 or get 1.9% APR for 48 months on select 2007 models at the Mitsubishi Time to Rallly Year-End Sales Event.These are just a few opportunities, click on the models to your left to get information on all of our vehicles! Visit your local dealer, grab the keys to your favorite Mitsubishi and save big on the ride of your life. You better hurry though; these great deals are only available for a limited time.



Mitsubishi Motors is introducing the 2008 Lancer Evolution, the newest and most
sophisticated version of the legendary high-performance model series that began 16 years ago.
While remaining true to the core values that have made the Lancer Evolution synonymous with
thrilling performance, the next-generation model offers all-around capability and user technology
that distinguish the world’s best performance models.
The strikingly styled 2008 Lancer Evolution showcases new performance and handling
technology, including an all-new 291-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged/intercooled engine and the Super-All
Wheel Control (S-AWC) dynamic handling system. S-AWC offers an extraordinary level of control
at each wheel, going well beyond the capabilities of other all-wheel drive systems.
Two Lancer Evolution models will be offered in the U.S. market for 2008: the GSR with a
new 5-speed manual transmission and the Lancer Evolution MR with a new 6-speed Twin-Clutch
Sportronic Shift Transmission (TC-SST), a new-generation automated manual transmission. The
MR model is also equipped exclusively with Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs, twopiece
brake rotors for better heat dissipation, BBS forged-alloy wheels, HID headlamps and
additional interior features. Significantly, the newest Lancer Evolution will have less differentiation
from market to market than the previous generations.

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Quality Used Cars A Click Away

The majority of quality used cars have a wealth of distinctive features, depending, of course, on the make and model. From aftermarket accessories to stock amenities, nothing compares to what luxury vehicles can deliver.
Why endure the stress of traveling to countless dealerships when you can find a trove of luxury vehicles online? You can choose from a host of the most popular and respected manufacturers - all waiting at your fingertips. Scroll through a plethora of luxury vehicles built by such manufacturers as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Saab, Honda, and more. The models and makes to be had are astounding and exhaustive.
You can find everything you need online -- from accessories to add-ons and much more! Enjoy a virtual tour of dealerships and vehicles, and once you've made up your mind, you can schedule a test drive. Quality used cars are just a hop, skip, and click away! Not only can you browse for the quality used car of your dreams, but you can also apply for a line of credit or get estimates of your month payments online.
Additionally, you can shop for parts and even schedule service and maintenance.
There are even online sales specials to be had, saving a substantial amount of money. As far as finding quality used cars is concerned, you won't find a better selection or the kinds of savings that can be had online.
From the showroom to you living room -- shopping for quality used cars online has never been easier. Pull up a chair, put the stress on the shelf, and enjoy! The luxury car of your dreams, whether it's a Mercedes, Audi, BMW or Saab, is waiting.
Forget the dealership, you'll just end up wasting precious gas and more precious time. Most dealerships provide substantial incentives and deals to online purchases - some will even deliver your dream car directly to your door!
F. Toulouse
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Luxury Car Leasing - Make Your Dream Come True

What To Consider When Looking For Luxury Car Leasing
A cardinal 'sin' that many people make, not only in the automotive industry but with regard to contracts and deals in general, is not to read the fine print that is always a part of a contract. So the first thing you should do is to read this fine print. You should sit down and read the entire car leasing contract very carefully and if you have any questions about what you read, write them down and ask - don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. Make things clear upfront. Here is an example; in the car leasing industry every leased vehicle comes with its' own insurance. Did you know that? It is impossible to separate leasing and insurance. Just so that you know, many leasing companies make their main profit from the insurance.
Terry Bolton is and internet publisher of automotive stuff. Read his useful and popular articles about purchasing cheap used cars online and how to find cheap used car loans
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In addition to claiming your new car and the unique tours, you have the opportunity to experience Audi Drivers' Day. This puts you behind the wheel of the amazing S8.
As with Porsche, once taking delivery of your car at the factory, you can tour Europe in your car before flying home. A nice plus with Audi are the 20 different car return stations available across Europe. Rather than returning to Ingolstadt, you can drop your car off at one of these stations. Your car is then prepared and shipped to our local dealership. Nice and convenient.
Mercedes-Benz European Delivery program are similar to the others, with you initiating the purchase and planning of our delivery online. You will pick up your new Mercedes at the factory in Sindelfingen, Germany. From there you can choose from two packages. The first is simply called the Standard Package, the other the Black Forest-Alps Rally Package.
The Standard Package provides one night stay for one or two people at your choice of hotels throughout Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland.
The Black Forest-Alps Rally Package is more geared towards the enthusiast. It combines your one night's stay with four additional nights. In addition, your directed on a self-guided "rally" that takes you from the factory into the Black Forest. From there it's off to the Austrian Alps, where the Arlberg Pass will bring you close to Innsbruck and, continuing north, to Munich. Mercedes does ask that you order your new car at least four months prior to traveling.
BMW's European Delivery program goes beyond what the other manufacturers we've discussed currently offer. Why? Three words...Conde Nast Tours.
Yes, BMW takes care of all of the details, from ordering, to insurance, to shipping. But you have the option of enjoying an exclusive driving adventure developed by Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Three five-day itineraries are available - Lakeside Luxury, Alpine Getaway and Castles. Once you arrive in Munich, your're met and escorted to a private chauffeured sedan for a drive to the European Delivery Center. From there, depending on which tour you've chosen, you head out on some of Europe's most scenic roads, with each day ending at a Gold List hotel.
You can tour Europe in your new BMW for up to 6 months after delivery. However, if you've financed or leased through BMW Financial Services, you must export your car within 90 days.
One note regarding financing. No matter what vehicle you've decided to buy, take the time to investigate all of your financing options. Dealer financing is fine but services such as what Carseek offers gives you buying options with one-stop convenience.
BMW buyers do have something to look forward to in Munich. They has just opened their new delivery center, the BMW Welt. Destined to be not only the place to pick up your new BMW but also a cultural center in Munich. The Welt is so unique that it warrants a future post of its own. Look for it in the near future.
One question to ask is will other car manufacturers follow suit by offering travel packages with new car purchases? And is it an enticement to buy or an extra perk to take advantage of? In our opinion, available travel opportunities are definitely a perk. The makes we have discussed here are brands recognized as expensive and exclusive. Buyers of these brands typically vacation in more exotic locales so purchasing optional travel packages with their new cars is a no-brainer. Our recommendation? If you can, buy the perks! You only live once and you can't drive your new European sports car or sedan the way it's meant to be in the States.
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How much does your car weighs? 1 ton? 2 tons?
What if I say your car can weigh as much as 15 tons and as little as 100 grams?
People mistake mass for weight.
The weight is but the multiplication of a mass by a force, a momentum of that force to be more precise.
Gravity is a force that pulls you towards the center of the Earth, inertia is another force that makes you offer resistance to trajectory shifts and so on. On Earth, gravity momentum provides all objects a constant vertical force, which multiplied by our mass, results in our weight.
In space, you have the same mass, but your weight is zero.
But we are not in space
Correct, we are in Earth's atmosphere and subject to Earth gravity.
As I said before, the mass never changes which means our weight is always the same... well, not exactly. If you remember right, I said weight implies an acceleration (or momentum) so, our weight would remain the same if and only if the only force (gravity acceleration) would be the Earth's gravity, but it's not.
Weight... Shifts!
Indeed it shifts. Cutting the chase lets go down to driving.
When you hit the gas the weight of your car "shifts" to the back, the back tires, the back chassis, the car "squats".
If the acceleration is amazingly violent, the front will be so light the front tires may be unable to steer from being almost up in the air. When you hit the brakes the weight shifts forward - on a extremely rough breaking maneuver, your rear gets so light that in that moment a little kid could turn your car over by raising it's tail effortlessly.
That's not all...
The seat belt
The weight not only "shifts" but also increases in the movement direction, you may weigh 77 kilograms in the vertical but you will also weigh in the horizontal...
If you are accompanied by a woman on your side with a seat belt, but that same women is holding a 5 kilogram baby in the arms, in a crash, at the crash momentum, the baby can weigh up to 5000 kilograms or more, now, can any women hold on to 5 tons?
The same goes for heavy sharp objects in your car. An Innocent hydraulic lifter in the trunk may turn into a 50000 kg per inch pressure bullet trespassing all the car in a crash. So, do you still think you drive well?
Ok, that might be, but that's not all. "G's" are not just up in the curves and on them, you have weight shift in multiple directions... on we go.
Modern electronics have made it easy to brake nicely by stopping tire locking and shifting the brakes balance on all four wheels, so I'm going to assume your car is geared with ABS and some sort of EDB (braking stability control).
I'd say most cars are quite safe to drive beyond limits unthinkable 20 years ago, but braking still needs some issues approach.
While turning, the weight also shifts to the tires in the turn opposite direction, as does suspension, the car "lays down" towards the opposite direction you are turning to, the car's side on the inside of the turn will be amazingly light... a little wind is all it may take to turn it over, and if you have people on the "lay ed" side of the car, their weight increases also, as does the stress on their side.
If you brake while turning hard, the weight will go forward and towards the opposite side of the turn direction, that means most of the "stress" will be on one tire alone, the front one opposite to the side you are turning too, what does this mean?
By knowing where the weight is you can act/react correctly. If your tail starts to shift when you break hard in a turn (curve), all you need is more weight in the back, hence, throttle press or brake release BUT there are more variables to consider...
Power issues
You have certainly seen "burnouts" with rear-traction vehicles where the drive gives way to much power to the rear wheels and the ground surface resistance is not enough for the wheels to grip - once they grip, the squat is so hard the front of the car ceases to exist and you have uncontrollable slides all the way.
I'm only talking weight here, so we are not going yet into traction matters - I'll go into front and rear drives under/overstear/counter-breaking issues later - which only add more forces to the equation.
If you brake very hard, remember that your tail will be light as a feather and if it "slips" you need to get weight into it to control it, hence, hit the gas or release the brakes. Then again, if you hit the gas pedal hard - specially with a lot of horse power - remember the front will be lighter and you may loose turning grip, so all it takes is pressing the brakes gently or relieving the gas pedal slightly for the weight to return to the front tires and you get traction back so you can turn.
If you are turning remember the stress goes to the side of the car opposite to the turn direction, if it threats to "turn over" all you need is to counter the massive weight shift by re balancing the car (ending the turn or turn the opposite way - which means turn into the direction the car's weight is shifting to - this in extreme situations) so that the weight gets back on all tires.
Many professional drivers "cut" the turns with the wheel, thus means they slightly turn/straight/turn/straight the wheel in a "zig-zag'ish" way during the turn to avoid the super-stress on one side of the car and lack of weight on the other, this in very extreme "G"-force conditions.
Also remember that having one more person in the car adds mass to it, not well balanced nor fixed mass, and when accelerating and breaking, the harder you do it, the more that same mass weighs and unbalances the full car weight set leading to strange weight shifts - four people in your car mean a lot more stress on your brakes at violent stops, same goes for violent turns and so on.
This all results in the second most important thing you must achieve when driving (the first is the "Don't" I wrote about in another post): being as smooth as humanly possible, no matter how fast you go, be smooth - the most risk inducing factor is lack of smoothness, be smooth, gen til, a harder maneuver may result in fatal weight shifts, even at low speeds, enough for you to loose control.
With a good traction stability control system - most don't have this yet - your car usually does all this for you when you go nearly over it's dynamic limits.
I think we've grasped the subject, but there's a whole lot more to be said about it.
Stay tuned, drive safe. Article featured at:
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Alvaro M. Rocha. IT and audio engineer, composer, producer, performer: a professional musician.
He is also a martial arts instructor, skilled driver, agressive (stock)market daytrader and mentor available for pre-selected hire.
That, among other things.
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The 2008 Honda Accord has arrived and with this next generation model buyers are finding a car that is bigger and wider than any previous Accord model made. Indeed, the Accord is slightly larger than its bitter rival, the Toyota Camry, itself elongated as of the 2007 model year.
The Hybrid Accord Bites The Dust
What you won't find on this year's model is a hybrid model. According to Honda officials, the company admits that their hybrid technology works better on smaller models. Yes, the V6 hybrid Accord only got four miles more to the gallon than the gas-powered I4, not necessarily bad but not something consumers were interested in.
The 2009 Honda Accord Diesel
Although the news that the most fuel efficient Accord isn't part of the automaker's current model year offerings, Honda fans who are willing to tarry one more year are likely to find that their wait has been well worth it. A 2.2L four cylinder diesel, now available in Europe, will make its way to the U.S. market for the 2009 model year. According to Autoblog Green, the Honda diesel will be able to attain 52 mpg on the highway, putting the Honda's mid-size offering in a class all of its own.
Honda Will Have The Cleanest Diesels On The Market
For enthusiasts who remember yesterday's diesel technology with its attendant smoke and racket, today's diesels must be rigorous EPA requirements in order to be certified for the US market. In addition, today's diesel technology has delivered an engine that is a lot quieter than earlier generation bangers.
Volkswagen and Mercedes with their jointly developed BLUETEC technology will be able to meet strict environmental requirements, but an additive called urea will need to be included to bring emissions output down to acceptable levels. Honda's diesels -- according to the company -- will be as clean as the gasoline engines they now sell.
Copyright 2007 - For additional auto articles from Matthew C. Keegan, please visit his The Auto Writer blog.
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Car and cars

Todays cars are more complex compare with a care produce in a dacade ago.In the fastest changing technology today we can find so many cars are equipied and fitted with the latest technology to accomodate the consumers needs.


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Various Car Models

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